THE AMORPHOUS MIND POLICE FACTOR? ,  Minz’s new Feature film,  is in the final stages of post production  (April. 2011) - more info is coming.

When I started to "Go for it" as an indie movie maker about 5 years ago (my sense of years or the past is murky) I knew that i was initiating a BIG project. I heard that when people build bridges they take way longer than expected and go over budget - The plan changes as you do it ; The size and scope of major projects shift as you do them. So i wrote the script for THE OTHER SIDE OF DREAMS. Its ambitious, lots of animated dream sequences, complex, and pretty serious dive into hypnotic experiments that go wrong. It took 2 years to write the script. Actors read it and those who got it, really liked it. Really, shooting went very well, feb 2008, with only a two crew members: camera and sound. Great, interesting performances,  all footage "in the can" as such. TOSOD is now backed up on to 2 hard drives. phew.  

     I was starting to realize that post is going to be demanding so I ploughed into it and it was, and it still is a beast of  a thing to assemble:  7 or 8 dream sequences that are wild and weird but directly related to the main story and character arcs. I started to think, (and still do think it) “Man, I’m sitting on a real fascinating indie feature, Paul Joseph, One of the actors in TOSOD  clarified it in saying, "this thing could really do some damage at film festivals."  Objectively, yes, it would probably be quite notable and do pretty well there.


Somewhere in starting the post on THE OTHER SIDE OF DREAMS... I started to think about shooting a fake documentary, 10 intersecting characters in an OVER THE TOP exploration of all things twisted, absurd, psycho, strange, sexual, bizarre, ridiculous and extreme. With only a 3 page outline, many actors were very into the idea, going along with the insanity of shooting with No crew, no real script (yet) and lots of making it up as we go along. The idea was to start with an odd character and push towards an emotional or psychological explosion, connect all the characters into one bigger story, do the things we Dare not do... be "out there", daring, very fucked up. The movie was initially called CHARTING FIXATIONS ON PERCEPTIONS OF 10 SHIFTING MICROCOSMS: a very black comedy. At this point, its (JAN 2011) and I’ve shot tons of really fascinating VERY wilds scenes with all the actors and This second film is now called: THE AMORPHOUS MIND POLICE FACTOR?: its like MAGNOLIA on L.S.D.  The amorphous mind police factor is pseudo fake mockumentary on 10 people united by a research study into weird paranormal stuff. They quickly start to find out how messed up everyone is in the study. The researcher conducting it, is some kind of questionable weirdo. or is he?  its has at least  15 big w.t.f. scenes that really electrify the narrative. Lots of kooky moments. As we shot it, it started to feel like WOW, WHAT WAS THAT THIING WE JUST SHOT?? W.T.F.!!  Soon we had many great eyebrow raising scenes that really push the flavour of the movie into the red zone. Festoons.

THE AMORPHOUS MIND POLICE FACTOR?  is about 95% shot but the remaining 5% is logistically simple talking head shots that unite the story points and create overall flow to the narrative. I have tons and tons of footage for this project and I’m kind of proud in saying that shooting with no crew, only 1 significant scene was technically fugged up and lost in the process. (and thats only half true - the sound was recorded, only the picture was lost.) That's amazing considering the massive amount of sound and HD material was shot only by Minz. now its all backed up on 2 harddrives. PHEW.

     WHAT IS THIS ALL ABOUT NOW: I have 2 movies shot and in the can. Being somewhat objective, they are both really energetic, unique, one of kind INDIE JEWELS that might kill me to finish. Really, well, I think so but Im a little biased. Post is a demanding thing and im now learning how to finalize all this stuff with reasonable technically high standards.  I do this as an auteur and it is a very lonely process. shooting with no crew wasn’t a problem, I found i really enjoyed working with the actors, loved that process. POST is simultaneously inspiring and panic inducing - and yes, these projects both have an ambitious massive scope to them. In reality, I really do need some kind of help to finish them. a post production editing budget to facilitate even 2 people constantly assembling this would be a drastic help to make these potentially one of a kind stories really take shape properly. They are really something quite heavy duty. If you are on this site now, can see my cartoons , my book and music videos, imagine that times 50!!  They are beasts!!

     Both feature films shot in HD, THE OTHER SIDE OF DREAMS and THE AMORPHOUS MIND POLICE FACTOR will be striking "THINGS TO BEHOLD" . They are both narratively complete with well-acted character performances and unique story ideas indeed. Now, to finish them! TAMPF is fast and dirty, intentionally rough in its style as an obvious wild fake-u-mentary... while TOSOD is more dramatic, consistent in its story style and more likely to find a broader audience. 

     At times, I’m super-inspired to push through this, and sometimes in overwhelming panic - “Yikes! what a massive undertaking” - good god, how to get it done and done really well!  its a creative and technical mega-task!!!  Lots of people do ask, "hows it going?" I think I’ve written this to clarify to myself and them, well, its going well but slowly, a budget would certainly speed things up enormously. when I’m in a good mood, i accept that it just takes time, like building a freeking bridge or some other giant architectural monster!! when in a less resourceful mood, its like a self imposed nightmare. Why do this? well, i really think I’ve put together some fascinating film art for those who crave a "not typical mind fuck of a movie". So, when complete, these will be major things to be exhibited proudly.  and now... back to the grindstone. This felt good to write but was it communicating or just procrastinating?  ha ha... in the fullness of time, much will be seen.  Thanks for reading this moment of excessively auteur independent, filmmaking inner dialogue spewing, spewing, spewing.