This book is like an onion, each layer scrubbing clean the mind's eye of constructed reality. NATALIA DEE Registered Nurse

This book is problematic for many people in society. They shouldn’t buy one... but the rest of you. Go for it.  - RAYMOND K. HESSLE , veterenarian.dust.html

Your book made my smart, funny gals laugh in that fab doubled over kinda laugh, i had to crack the whip to get them back to work.  hey thanks for the supremo lapse in creativity and production.  KARYN GINGRAS - Toronto Millenary Expert !

your book reminds me of an R rated farside. MATSKI MATSKI MATSKI - preposterous drummer for the ridiculous JUMPLE band. Boing.

You have what most artists strive for their entire lives - their own style.   GERRY FOURNIER - Animation artist with tons of style and a curious shaving technique. and he hasn’t even seen the BOOK!

Squiddillicious! Your pictures have a way of turning my brain inside out and placing it firmly back on my head. Like a hat, I suppose. One that thinks. But not like it used to think.     Jerry Schaefer "Actor/Writer".