2014 : That happened. An exhibit, Movie and soon to be released trailers.

IN 2014, Minz exhibited 10 new paintings that looked like this.


MINZ 8 another epiphanySMALL

and screened his feature film, THE AMORPHOUS MIND POLICE FACTOR in Toronto.-POSTER 2 1920x1080

Right after the screenings, MINZ produced and directed 3 animated trailers for Rick Springfield to be released in 2015, announcement coming soon. Hence a distraction on follow through of  THE AMORPHOUS MIND POLICE FACTOR.  TAMPF will be available as VIDEO ON DEMAND (VIMEO) any second now in 2015. zooom.

Minz also Produced, Directed and shot 95% of footage for his Next Feature FIlm, THE VERY IMAGINARY FRIEND. News for that will be coming soon as post production is now underway.

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