PAMENAR iwth sign and eyesDr. MINZ poses below his display sign at THE PAMENAR in Kensigngton Market, Toronto.  Yes.. He has 12 extra eyes. Yes, there are 10 new painting inside the building behind him.  The show was called F5; FREEEEKY FUNKY FLUID FACE FANTABULISMS (or something like that) and featured paintings inspired by a style that Minz created and discovered in his Facebook profiles. Some of the paintings were 100 % paint, some  prints with augmented paintisms on them (making them bonafide originals, folks.) Minz did enjoy many complimentary tasty white wines (with no incident, phew)  with the company of Curator, Rafi Ghanaghounian,  and many flippant, fun, fermented friends.  An amuzzzzing night – half the paintings were sold. That’s a grand thing, off they go into some good bipedal peoples homes to be cared for and appreciated. yeah. and… they will remain hanging for a couple more weeks. (until June 30, 2014 , aprox) The sign will be there for months. Minz will continue new paintngs after the release of his new cartoonery book and screenings of his movie, The Amorphous Mind Police Factor. sheesh. bizzy bizzy, sometimes too dizzy, ms. lizzy.  —————> !!

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