A little spate of JUNE 2015 CARTOOOONS

SOME NEW 2015 Dr. Minz Art in development. WHAT? yes.

Hypnotica THE NIGHTMARIST melted my brain!

After competing against 70 ish movies and teams in the months of march and april or WHENEVER, this year, ultimately HYPNOTICA The nightmarist did not make the top 15 and minz didnt win a million buckaroos. however it seems that HYPNOTICA was unofficially dubbed the most unique and unusual submission. ok. THAT WAS THAT. It’s over and it kind of melted my brain to crank at 200 MILES PER HOUR for 8 solid weeks or more (how long? really , its like slamming your head into a demagnetizer) and then have it all shut down. Chasing a million bux is very motivating and its a surreal process. Back to work at Smiley Guys storyboarding for a pre school kids show is very ordinary by comparison. The whiplash effect turned my brain into oatmeal. smirk. ON WITH LIFE… ¬†finishing THE VERY IMAGINARY FRIEND, a tragic comic surreal story of an extreme performance artist, as a feature film is the next objective. GASP. It took a while of internal back / forth /what? /wtf to figure that out. THE VERY IMAGINARY FRIEND was 94% shot in the summer of 2014. The CINECOUP competition really knocked me off track, fer sure, but it was one hell of thing to be put totally on the spot for such a prolonged time. ¬†CHECK OUT THESE TRAILERS. all part of the crazy development of HYPNOTICA The Nightmarist.